around the house : my happy place

One of my goals this year is to take more photos of day to day happenings around the house. I got away from that last year too much due to the combo of the ease of having my phone camera on me at all times and the fact that moving, demolition, renovation in the midst of raising a family is a big mess. But it is our life right now and I happen to think it is a crazy beautiful mess.

There is no rymn or reason to this post. Just a few photos from the past few days of being cooped up with the munchkins. As the years go by and especially when it is zero degrees outside, I am becoming much more of a homebody than I ever have been and will go for days without leaving house. I am not complaining one bit. Home is my happy place.

Auntie Loren came by the other day and gave Miss Penelope Pie her first haircut. She doesn't have much hair yet but the hair she does have grows out like a fountain all on the top and in the middle of her head. It makes for a scraggly looking comb over. I cannot wait until hair starts to grow on the sides of her head! Loren says that maybe a year from now it will start to even out.

Miss P wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

I am afraid to say that most days when hubby is at work, you will find us in our jammies well past noon. We lounge around, work on house projects and play. While I was busy painting the bathroom, I kept P busy with her crayons. This girl LOVES to color. (Unfortunatley not just on paper.)

Oh this girl.....she melts me.

The kids share a room and I will often find them playing in there together. Keegan has such a soft heart towards his little sister. She roughs him up on a daily basis and he just keeps on loving her. I'm pretty proud of that kid. These were the first photos that I have ever taken in that room with my big girl camera. We haven't painted in there yet, decorated or anything. As soon as we get some big projects on the main part of the house wrapped up, it will happen.

Pretending to go night night.

No day at home is complete for Keegan without kisses and snuggles from Daisy dog.