january thaw

One of my goals for this year is to document our daily life with my big girl camera. It is one of those goals that I want to write on my forehead and carry around with me every single day. Not one of the goals that I make and forget about next week. Looking back through photos of last year, I am so sad that most of them are from my phone. I am thankful for the camera on my phone for its convenience and ability to fit in my pocket but the photos just don't compare to "real" ones. Looking back at photos of my family, brings me more joy than I can explain. Kids and seasons of life grow and change so quickly that it is easy for me to forget. Photos remind me. They show me God's goodness like nothing else can.

We have had some amazingly warm temperatures lately in Oklahoma which has made it so nice to play outside.

My girl. She makes my heart burst.

I love this next image so much! There is something so beautiful to me about glitter mixed with dirt.

This girl has the best stink eye of anyone I know.

Then there is this kid. Five going on thirteen.

When I asked him if I could take his picture, he came up with some "manly" poses that he wanted to do.

Best friends. So different in so many ways.

Pay no mind to the leaves that we haven't gotten around to cleaning up. I love all of the huge gorgeous trees that we have at this house but.......whew.......the leaves and acorns are a never ending battle.