starting him young

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this photo that I posted several days ago.

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Keegan (my four and half) year old is eager to learn about photography. He asks me questions all of the time about photos and my camera. He sits by my side often when I am editing weddings and begs me to teach him how to erase things out of pictures. He is still a baby in my eyes and I initially laughed at him when he asked if he could try to take some pictures with my "real camera". Then I thought about it for a moment and I changed my mind. Why would I stifle his eagerness to learn my craft? I am thankful that he thinks my job is cool and that he appreciates photographs in the same way I do. I want the Lord to give me eyes to see into who my little baby boy is becoming. I want to encourage his curiousity, his willingness to learn and his courage to try something new.

So, with my close supervision I let him go for it.

Photo credit: Keegan Phillips

I am one proud Mama.