a baby is born

So, I just looked at the calendar today and almost had a heart attack! How in the world is it September? This summer appparently snuck out the back door without me noticing. With that said, back in July one of my best friends in this entire world gave birth to a beautiful baby. I was lucky enough to be there for those precious first moments with my camera.

Loren and CW, this post has been a long time coming. Thank you for being patient with me. Even though you have already seen all of these photos, it is my pleasure to share them with you once more.

I arrived at the hospital just moments before Loren's amazing team of Doctor's decided that she needed to have a c-section. The way that CW comforts his wife is something that every woman deserves. He is always there right by her side through every pain and through every joy. I am so thankful that I too, have a husband like that.

This shot sends chills up my spine. The elevator door closes and I know that the next time I will see the face of my friend, he will be a father holding his precious baby in his arms.

They go down to surgery and we wait and pray for everything to go smoothly.

The sex of the baby was a surprise to everyone. Well, everyone except for me. I knew all along. ;) I knew that I could have been wrong but I was getting the vibe and I just knew that my best friend was going to be having a boy even if everyone else thought she was having a girl.

Then CW emerged from the elevator wearing a PINK bandana.

Auntie and Grandma's face at the first site of the new baby.

Being the prankster that he is, CW had a little bandana trick planned.

Baby boy! Brooks McCoy!

There are so many reasons that having a professional photographer take photos at a birth is a great idea. I could list all of the reasons or I could just show you the photo of a new dad shedding tears over his new son. Tears full of joy, gratitude and awe.

I am obviously not a birth photographer so I am not trying to sell my services here. I am just here to tell you that the photos of the birth of my own children are so cherished and capture moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. Moments that tell a story about a time that we will never get back. 

First Bath.

Mommy coming up from surgery.

My dear friend holding her baby boy for the very first time. She is one of those people who was born to be a mommy. What a blessed little boy Brooks is for having the parents that he has.

Very first grandbaby!

Of course we had to get a shot with Auntie Shannon.

Family of three. I couldn't be happier for you guys.