girls trip : phone pics

Miss P and I have been in Colorado this week on a girls trip/photoshoot trip. It was her very first airplane ride and she did awesome. It has been a very special time of just the two of us getting to bond one on one. She is my easy going child so, by default it is easy for her to get kind of overlooked. It was so sweet to be able to just focus on her this week.

We fly home today and we miss our boys like crazy. It is going to be a happy reunion. :)

I know this is blurry but I treasure this photo because girlfriend never falls asleep in my arms. This hasn't happened since she was two months old. I am praying she does it again on the plane today.

I think we know what baby girl wants from Nana and Poppy for her birthday. (hint....hint...)

We ended our trip with a photoshoot in the mountains for our dear friends. It was nothing short of a spiritual experience. Colorado takes my breath away.