star wars party

My firstborn turned four last month. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that but there's no turning back now. It is bittersweet because I love watching him grow into the amazing boy that he is but I also miss him being a baby.

This year he requested that we have a star wars birthday party at our house. I instantly knew that I wanted to do photo invitations.

Keegan and I collaborated on some party favor ideas and we came up with making felt masks for everyone. This was such a fun and easy project. I just sketched out the masks on paper and cut out patterns for the felt. A little hot glue and elastic and the masks were ready. When I say easy, I do not mean that it was not time consuming. ;)

We made copies of the mask patterns for the kids to color on.

Star wars legos abound in our household now.

For the majority of the party it was storming outside. As soon as it cleared up we sent the multitude of children outside of our tiny jam packed house for a light saber war.

That awesome lady on the left is my second shooter extraordinarre Jessie. Oh and this party was in August in the middle of the triple digit weather plague. Thus the brown grass.