phillip & kady : the wedding

Wedding season is still in full swing for me so, you have lots of pretty weddings to look forward to on the blog.

Mr. and Mrs. P, thank you so very much for having us shoot your day. It truly was a joy. You made us feel so welcome, like we had been friends forever. I just cherish couples like you and I wish you more love than you know what to do with. It is so evident that you are each other's best friend. I can tell you from experience that going through life's ups and downs with your best friend by your side is a priceless gift. Congratulations on a stunning wedding and a beautiful marriage.

Kady and Phillip had an amazing wedding at Tarp Chapel in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The ladies got ready at Columns Mansion which was absolutely gorgeous.

This photo makes me want to put on a pretty robe and drink a mimosa.

Kady wore this ankle bracelet that was from her Mom's wedding. I love when things from parents or grandparents are passed down or borrowed on special days like this.

Can you say "Knockout!?!?!"

I am in love with the next two bridal shots. The first one is Jessie's shot and the second one is mine. I think Kady looks so regal and glamorous.

The French Bouquet did the beautiful flowers.

Kady is a stunner and looked drop dead gorgeous! Makeup done by Ashlee Bivins, and hair done by Whitney Fugate from Ihloff Salon.

Phillip and Kady decided to not see each other before the ceremony. Phillip's face just lit up as soon as he saw his gorgeous bride.

No surprise that the emotion in the ceremony made me tear up.

Stop being so hot together you two!

The reception decor was soft, feminine and romantic.

The first dance. This makes my heart happy!

Teach me how to dougie, tea teach me how to dougie.

I heart dance faces. ;)