a family complete

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; Give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.                -Psalm 100:4-5

It is with a heart so full of joy that I share this post with you all today. I had the honor and privilege of photographing the arrival of our dear friends coming home from China with their beautiful new daughter. I am sure that you all already know their adoption story but if not you can read about it here.

Chris and Ashley, we are so very happy for you and your family. Our hearts are bursting and we cannot wait to walk through life with all seven of you. ;)

Two very big smiles full of excitement for Little One to finally come home.

Friendship is a wonderful thing. My son had been praying daily for little one to come home from China. He couldn't wait to get to the airport to give his friend a hug on the day of his sister's arrival. 

Signs were made and friends of all ages were there to welcome them home. Thinking back I wish that I would have asked all of the people that were there to get into one group photo. But apparently, I was too emotional and excited to use my brain. Trust me when I tell you that there were a LOT of friends and family there full of a LOT of love for the Campbells.

It appeared as if a plane way down the hall was de-boarding.

They've been spotted! This is one excited Aunt.

I wish that my camera would have captured the sound of Firecracker's squeals of delight.

Oh happy day!

I absolutely love this photo. Pay close attention to the bottom right corner.

Also notice the security guard pointing his hand, about to try and stop Firecracker.

Thankfully, he must have decided that she wasn't going to cause too much trouble.

There was a ton of joy, clapping, hugging and crying going on. It was a lot for Little One to take in. Poor thing had just traveled across the world on no sleep. It was no surprise to anyone that her Daddy was holding her as close as he could trying to protect her and make sure she was okay.

At last!

If you are a blog reader of Under the Sycamore and do not know Ashley in "real life", you probably think that she is the most amazing person. You would be absolutely right. Hands down one of the most inspiring women I know. It is plain to see that she comes from a long line of amazing family. This gentle gesture by her grandfather just makes my heart melt. 

A multitude of incredible friendships surround this family. (You are next girlfriend!)

Someone missed her big brother.

And her Mama.

Little One finding comfort in her hands.

Protective Daddy stepping away from the crowd to calm her down. So sweet.

And then a little kiss on the foot from her big sister.

The girls!

The whole family TOGETHER at last! Seven......a family complete.