our 4th of july

The fourth of July is a very celebrated holiday in our family. It isn't just about fireworks and cookouts but it is about taking a day to give thanks for the freedom that we take for granted on a daily basis. I don't consider myself a very political person or someone that will try to persuade others to believe that my opinions are the best ones. However, I do try to teach my children to be thankful. I have a father that served in the airforce, a step-dad that faught in Vetnam, a brother-in-law that served in Iraq and many other loved ones and friends that have made huge sacrifices to be a part of our military. The fact is, we can gather together with our loved ones anytime we choose and worship in any way we choose. This is not true for all countries. We are a very blessed nation, as imperfect as we may be.

Every fourth of July, there is a gathering of an entire neighborhood out in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. We have a parade for all of the children to participate in and a cookout for the whole neighborhood. The kids dec out their bikes, big wheels, scooters and battery operated cars and the parents walk along side them taking lots of pictures. We begin the parade with a gathering at a flag for prayer, to say the pledge of allegiance and sing God bless America. It is a tradition that means a ton to our family.

The event actually made the local news last night. You can watch it here. You can see Penelope in her wagon near the beginning and Keegan at the very end.

After the morning parade, we gather for doughnuts and coffee and later in the afternoon eat lots of amazing food. I apparently was busy eating and not taking any pictures at the cookout.

Later that day we came home and did a little smoke bomb and sparkler action for Keegan. He will be four soon and it is so fun discovering the world again through his eyes.

Don't mind my ghetto patio furniture in the background. Our dog ate our cushions.

This kid doesn't lack for facial expressions.

Penelope is the most laid back baby ever. She has more of her Daddy's personality traits. Keegan never stops. He is a bit more like his Mama.

P was just hanging on a blanket checking out the grass. Keegs ran over to give her some love in between pop-its and sparklers. Luckily my camera was ready!