bobby + sharon : the wedding

My husband Nathan comes from a large family. He is one of five. His family is one of the main reasons my heart desires to also have a large family. Anyone who knows their family will agree with me when I say that they are one of the most loving and welcoming group of people in this world. When I talk about my sister-in-laws or brother-in-laws, it makes sense for me to leave off the term "in-law" because in every way they are my brothers and sisters. We are a tight group.

With that said, it is my great joy to post some of the photos of my "sister's" wedding. She married her prince charming a few weeks ago and I had the honor of capturing their special day. It was perfect in every way. So full of love and rejoicing.

Sharon's makeup was the beautiful handy work of the talented Shannon Schroeder.

That is the face of a VERY happy bride excited to go see her groom for the first time.

Bobby getting all spiffy for his bride.

A sweet prayer before the first look. It was such a lovely moment of pausing in the middle of the hustle and bustle of wedding activities to thank God and ask for his blessing on this day and on this marriage.

The first look was wonderful. Every bride wants her groom to make this face when he sees her.

So happy in the midst of tornadic winds. ;)

A little three year old man of mine happened to be the ring bearer. This was the greeting I received when he arrived. I wish all of my work days had hugs like this in them.

Eighteen people stood beside Sharon and Bobby as they exchanged vows. It is a testimony to how loved they are. The winds picked up like crazy and made us do the rest of our photos prior to the ceremony inside.

Gorgeous ladies!

The studly gentlemen.

My little crew and me. Since I was in a lot of the family photos for this wedding, Miss Jessie was so kind as to do most of the family shots.

Just about to give his daughter away to the man that loves and cherishes her.

My little Keegan.

My father-in-law is usually a man of few words. But he is also a man of great heartfelt wisdom. He said a few words before giving Sharon away and there was not a dry eye in the entire church. Yes, I was sobbing while taking photos. I had to use my lens cloth to wipe tears off of my camera on several occasions.

The groomsmen played a little trick with the ring like it was lost and then the last groomsman of the group of nine passed it down the line.

After the ceremony, the wind died down a bit so we were able to grab a few soft light shots outside of the Jazz Hall.

Bobby, the way that you look at my sister makes my heart melt.

True love, through and through.

We are going to have to work on my son's wooing skills. Here is his dinosaur growl. I think this was his way to get this little lady to dance with him.

From the moment he was born, Sharon and Keegan have had a very close special bond. He is Auntie's "boo-boo" as she calls him.

Jessie took the lead and did ALL of the reception photos after the first dances so that I could enjoy the reception and get my dance on. Thanks Jessie girl! I had two very important men to dance with.

Shake it Mr. and Mrs. Z!

Sharon's late grandmother was a lover and collector of bells. So, the choice of grand exit favors was an easy one. It was an ode to Mamaw.

Bobby and Sharon, we are so happy for you and so thankful for you in our lives. We are thrilled for what God has in store for you two as you begin your journey as husband and wife!