yay spring

Spring is feeling really good this year (aside from all of my sneezing). The weather has been so gorgeous and we have been enjoying so much time outside.

I somehow blinked and my newborn baby girl, turned into a 4 month old infant. She is so full of joy all of the time.

These two kids are something else. My son Keegan is a lover to say the least. I am in big trouble when he starts liking girls. He loves on his sissy all day long. I couln't have asked for a better big brother for my daughter.

Leave it to Keegs to find some snails to play with and get dirt all over himself within two minutes of walking out the front door.

Yesterday, Poppy arrived to Tulsa for a visit. He road his Harley all the way here from Arizona. He was finally able to get some time off of work to come meet Miss P for the very first time and see Keegster man again. I am sure he is happy to see Nathan and I too but I kind of have a feeling it is way cooler to hang out with his beautiful grandchildren.

He had a pretty happy welcoming crew.

Even Daisy dog is as happy as ever.