will you marry me?

I was getting ready to post some images from my sweet sister-in-law's engagement session and realized that I never posted the photos from her proposal. Her man Bobby had me come out and secretly take photos while he asked her to be his bride. I hid in the trees like a sniper with my 70-200mm lens to capture this beautiful moment. You can probably tell by the trees that it was last fall. I wish there was a picture of my pregnant buns sitting on the ground hiding behind tree branches. I am sure it was a sight to see.

Note to all guys: Hire a photographer to capture when you ask her to marry you. She will treasure the photos forever.

The scene was just breathtaking.

Sharon is a reporter for Fox23 and Bobby had an elaborate plan of tricking her into thinking she was getting called into work on a breaking news story. He had his best friend waiting at the news station for her when she arrived and he took her home and told her to put on the outfit that Bobby had picked out for her and then drove her out to this beautiful lake.

Here she comes. I was so excited and so emotional.

They talked for a long while.

You better believe as soon as his knee hit the ground, I started crying. It is very difficult to hold a 70-200mm lens steady when you are sobbing and trying to remain hidden. ;)


Checking out the new object of beauty on her finger.

Stay tuned for Sharon and Bobby's engagement session. I also get to shoot their wedding in April. It is so wonderful to capture the love of two people that I love so much.