custom family dolls

Are these not the most adorable little dolls you have ever seen? They are the doll versions of my friend Ashley's family. I had my sweet, uber talented friend Katie from the Passive Juice Motel make them as a gift for their soon to come home to America, Chinese daughter. I was absolutely blown away by Katie's attention to detail and how they truly looked so much like their human replicas. ;)

I love how things in life can come full circle. Four years ago, Katie was one of my first brides. Her wedding was referred to me by Ashley.

You can see more photos of these cuties on Ashley's blog Under The Sycamore.

And just for fun...Here is one of my favorite images from Katie and Andrew's wedding.

They are total hotties! Don't worry, you will be seeing more of them on the blog in the coming months as they will be modeling for my upcoming workshop in May!