goodbye february

February was really good to us this year in Oklahoma. The weather was more like April. This is a bittersweet thing for me because I really love winter when it snows. But I also really love hanging outside on my lawn with my babies. This month I did a lot of hanging out with my kids. It was pure bliss. I also officially came out of maternity leave and began shooting, editing, designing albums, rebranding and having client meetings. So far, the transition has been great.

Life is good. Really really good.

This is little Penelope just shy of 3 months old hanging out with Mama and big brother outside for the first time.

This is the face she makes just before I kiss her on her cheeks.

I love baby feet!

I mean really, don't you just want to nibble on those toes?

Keegan found a flower for sissy.

Then he found a lot more for Mama. (Yes, he desperately needs a haircut.)

After lots of playing outside, there is nothing better than a little snuggle time on the sofa. Yep, February was good.