phillip and kady :engagements

Well, here she is! My first official blog post on the fresh new blog and it happens to be of my first engagement shoot of the season. Kady and Phillip are absolutely adorable and were so fun to work with. They made the transition of me coming out of maternity leave a delightful experience. It helps that they are beautiful and head over heels in love. Speaking of heels.....I am so jealous of Kady's shoes. I am not allowed to wear heels because they make me taller than my husband. I'm a klutz too so, I would probably twist my ankle and fall over if I tried to wear them.

We enjoyed a perfect February evening in downtown Tulsa for their shoot. This winter has been crazy warm so it already feels like spring. The temperature was perfect, the light was ooey gooey and I was smitten with this couple.

Kady's sense of style is amazing! Her outfit just makes me swoon.

Her eyes really are that cool. No photoshop tricks here.

Girl, you are going to be a smokin' bride! I can't wait for August.

See, aren't they just a perfect pair?

A chicken legged photographer such as myself is wishing she could have killer legs like this. ;)

Kady and Phillip, thank you so much for choosing me to capture this special time in your lives. You are perfect for each other. Love like yours is why I do what I do.