brand makeover

Wohoo! I finally got around to giving Imago Vita a little makeover. It was way past due. I am so happy to share with you the new look of my blog. What do you think? I am still working out some kinks and will be doing my website next. I think it fits the feel of my photography so much better. I loved the last one too in its time but years have passed and my work has evolved so much since then. Thus, it was time to get my brand going in the same direction as the style of my photographs.

My maternity leave was absolutely amazing and I treasured every moment (even the sleepless ones.) It is a new season with new love stories to photograph and I am thrilled. I'm delighted that I will be shooting without the extra weight of a baby in my belly this year. I had my first engagement shoot of the season last weekend and my first wedding will be on Saint Patrick's Day.

So, here is a little sneek peak at Kady and Patrick's engagement shoot. More to come very soon!