custom made valentines

I'm quite excited to share this post of Keegan's custom made Valentines with you. I figure that I will only be able to get away with making things like this for my little boy while he is too young to argue with me about it. I can't wait to take him to preschool with these little treasures to give out to all of his friends.


I took a few photos of him the other day and coaxed him into making a kissy face at the camera. I may or may not have bribed him with candy. Then I added some text with photoshop on top of the image.

In photoshop I laid out a printer paper size sheet and added the size of photos and text that I wanted for the project. I also added a border from my Design Aglow bag of tricks.

Valentines baggies from the dollar store.

Keegan and I added Hershey's kisses to all of the baggies and I stapled them closed.

I cut out the cards so that they would cover the top of the baggies.

I added a little hot glue.

And Ta-Da!!

The front:

And the back: