seth+whitney {a mountain wedding}

I am so thrilled to share Seth and Whitney's mountain wedding with you all. It was a destination wedding held in Beaver Creek Colorado. The ceremony was held on the wedding deck in Beaver Creek and the reception and all of the getting ready took place in the gorgeous Pines Lodge. The day was absolutely perfect. We were spoiled with breathtaking mountain views and cool crisp mountain air while Oklahoma was still in its streak of 100 degree weather. 

Whitney and Seth, we cannot thank you enough for choosing us to come all the way to Colorado to document your day. Spending the weekend with you and your families was an absolute delight. Congratulations to you. I know that your lives will be so full of joy. You are truly such amazing kind hearted people.

Whitney had her gown made for her. It is absolutely one of my favorites of all time.

We did the first look in a wooded area over a stream. I kind of loved it. ;)

I love the way that Seth just cherishes Whitney. He cares for her and looks at her in a way that every woman wants her man to look at her.

Whitney.....stop being so gorgeous! Oh wait, you can't help it.

After a few shots down by the stream we hopped onto the ski lift to go up the mountain to the ceremony location for some more photos. This was mine and Jessie's first time ever on a ski lift and we were CRAZY high up. Jessie sat in the seat behind them and got this amazing shot.

I sat in front of them and had to manage turning around in my seat with all of my gear and pregnant belly to get this shot. It was a good thing my Dr. sent me on our trip with anti-nasuea medication.

This was the view to my right. Not too shabby.

Beautiful couple so in love + Beautiful scenery and perfect weather = Giddy Shannon and Jessie taking photos like crazy.

So romantic

For our trek through tall grasses and steep inclines Whitney changed into her TOMS and I thought they were just perfect.

I wish I would have photographed it but there was a pile of snow just up the hill a tiny bit from this spot in the woods. Crazy!


Now, onto the ceremony.


Hello Colorado, Could you be any more magnificent?

After the ceremony we had the long ride back down the mountain.

Loving this elevator shot!