steve+sohailah {the wedding}

Steve and Sohailah....What a joy it has been getting to know this amazing couple. Their story is one of patience, trust in the Lord and a deep and inspiring love. It was a joy and an honor to capture a part of their story. They made it so easy for me to photograph their love and their emotions because they very openly and honestly embrace all of the beauty that this life has to offer.

April and her team at Faccia Bella did a wonderful job on Sohailah and her bridesmaid's makeup.

I just love how excited Sohailah was all day long. She just beams.

Robyn Dill of Robyn's flower garden is always a joy to work with and her work is just plain beautiful. Coincidentally, Sohailah's shoes were the perfect match to her bouquet.

Steve looking quite dapper waiting for his bride.

The next four photos just make me happy.

Sohailah girl, you are a knockout!

First United Methodist in downtown Tulsa is absolutely magnificent.

This next photo tells a bit of a story that really impacted me. Before the wedding, Sohailah's maid of honor asked Steve what was his favorite quality about Sohailah was and why he thought she complimented him. She asked Sohailah the same thing about Steve. She shared their answers during her toast and it is one of those things that will stick with me for years to come. I went home that day thinking of my favorite qualities in my husband and of how he compliments me so well. It was such a good reminder to thank God for knowing us better than we know ourselves and knowing exactly what we would need in a spouse. Reason number 5,456 I love being a wedding photographer. ;)

Here is a beautiful clip of the wedding video from Birdcreek Productions.

Steve & Sohailah Sneak peak! from BirdCreek Productions on Vimeo.