Happy Monday everyone! I have just a few updates today to keep you in the loop.

Expect to see Lacey and Jacob's wedding post here tomorrow morning.

Check back early next week for Brooke and Justin's wedding post.

I am officially over halfway through this pregnancy and it is absolutely flying by! Only 6 more weddings until I get to relax and make room for her in our little home. I have lots of plans to make her lots and lots of crafty pretties.

This lady is a lifesaver. This is my second shooter Jessie Dewey and she is the hardest working woman I know. She always busts her little buns with a smile on her face but she has taken her bun busting up 12 notches the further I get into pregnancy. THANK YOU Jessie a million times for the millions of times you come to the rescue.

We did our last boudoir shoot of the year last week. I load and unload a lot of stuff into the studio for these long days and end up crawling and rolling around on concrete floors all day and I am just getting too pregnant to do this. I will miss it but I will spending my time focusing on the rest of my weddings and getting ready for my upcoming photography workshop.

Oh, and speaking of the workshop...It is sold out and I am thrilled! If you missed your chance to secure a spot stay tuned for another one to launch in the Spring after I come off of maternity leave.

Well, I think that is all for now. I am off to go build lincoln log houses with my sweet little boy. ;)