ramblings of a wedding photographer

Before I dive in head first to editing thousands of photos from this past week, I feel it necessary to write. It can be all too easy for me to get a bit overwhelmed when I have loads of work ahead of me and as I was praying about that this morning I felt the Lord pushing me to talk about why it is I do what I do for a living.

 I photograph weddings. To some this may seem like a simple task of putting on a pretty outfit, grabbing my camera and heading out the door to take pictures. Yes, I take pictures. I photograph weddings. But to me it is so much more than that. It is one of the highest honors of my lifetime. I am invited to document the moments on one of the most important days in someone’s life. I have witnessed more than a normal person’s share of weddings in the past several years. I have made mistakes along the way, I have tried to fit into a mold at times and I have come out on the other side feeling very confident in who Shannon Phillips is as a wedding photographer. I am an emotional woman and I am the best version of myself when I live from my heart. The same is true when I photograph weddings. I have heard other very successful photographers offer their advice to not show your emotions when you are shooting or let them get in the way of capturing the moments that may be happening. I tried that and it just makes me feel disconnected. For me, the best photos that I take come when I am fully in that moment, feeling what my clients may be feeling. That means that you may see tears come out of my eyes. I have learned to keep shooting through the tears in order to shoot with my heart. It is just one of the ways that I worship in my daily life. The Author of love is so evident in every special moment of a wedding.

 Wedding photography is not just a “job” for me. I am inspired by the love and passion that my clients share. It inspires me to love deeper and to appreciate my husband the way that I did the day that I said “I do.”  The love and emotion of a wedding is my favorite part of a wedding day and I have learned that embracing it helps to make my photos come alive. I want my brides and grooms to look at their photos ten, twenty or fifty years from now and remember exactly how they felt in that moment. THIS is why I am a wedding photographer.


As I sit at my computer for hours on end this week editing photos, I am working on someone’s most precious memories. It is good to remind myself of this.