amelie {9 months}

Yes, yes, I know I do not do baby photo shoots anymore. It is still true. Unless the baby is one of my "nieces" visiting from out of town. Amelie is the precious daughter of one of my closest and oldest friends. This unofficially makes me her Auntie and gives her special photo shoot privileges. ;)

I am biased but I think that she is just the cutest little thing ever. She melts my heart every time that I see her.

Her Mama is responsible for a lot of amazing things in my life. The most amazing being that she led me to my Lord and Savoir. And almost as amazing, her and her husband are the reason I met my husband. We have a lot of history and a lot of stories together. Even though we live in different states, we always pick up right where we left off. She is an amazing woman and she makes really cute babies.

Seriously. I cannot handle the cuteness.

Amelie and Auntie Shannon. I just love her.