danielle+spencer {the wedding}

From the moment I first met with Danielle and Spencer, I was blown away by what an adorable and kind couple they were. I was absolutely thrilled that they chose us to capture their wedding day. They were married at the always gorgeous Dresser Mansion here in Tulsa. The day was so full of love and beautiful emotions.

Congratulations Dani and Spencer. You have a love that inspires everyone around you and makes this world a better place. Much love to you both.

I am always jealous of girls that can wear high heels. My husband and I are just about the same height so if I try to wear heels I feel like an Amazon woman and end up slouching all of the time. Spencer is WAY taller than Danielle so the higher the heels for her the better.


Waiting patiently to see his bride for the first time. You are looking pretty good Spencer.

The first look.

We had some onlookers sneaking a peak.

One of my favorite things about Dani and Spencer is the way that they make each other smile. He just makes her eyes light up every time he looks her way. Melts my heart every time. She is looking at Spencer in this next shot. You can tell by the twinkle in her eye.

I just love them.


I have shot a LOT of weddings. I have never felt this much emotion during a reception. Danielle danced with her Dad and her Step-Dad and I actually had to leave the room at one point to compose myself. There was not a dry eye in the entire room.

A sweet light hearted mother and groom dance made us all smile.