project big boy bed

Now that my hubby has a clearly defined work schedule it has been so nice to be able to have several days off in a row where we can work on a project together. This past week's project was to make Keegan a big boy bed. My baby boy is not much of a baby any more so we wanted to start working on making his room more "little boy" and less "baby." 

The crib is officially packed up and stored in the attic while Keegan is enjoying his new bed. I sketched the idea one day while sitting around and I am so happy to say that my design is now a reality. Nathan and I made the bed and I made the motorcycle blanket. I love that is very much "little boy" but not the cheesy cartoon character kind of design. Not that there is anything wrong with cartoon characters. I would just prefer them not to be used to decorate my home. ;)

We are going to work on painting his room and installing new closet doors and artwork next week. 

But for now, Keegsters has a sweet new bed. 

Apparently, I am an utter failure when it comes to smoothing out the sheets before I tuck in the blanket. Oh well.....You get the idea.  Keegan will fix it by jumping up and down on it as soon as he gets home.