the dewey family

Meet the Dewey family. Aren't they cute? If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you may realize that this is not the first time that you have seen them. They first showed up here several years ago, when I shot Lee and Jessie's wedding (one of my first weddings).  Then I did their family photos two more times when it was just the three of them. This time there were 4 of them. And this time their session was included in Jessie's employee of Imago Vita benefits package. ;) Who needs health care when your family is this good looking. They can just look at their photos whenever they are not feeling so good.

Not only is Jessie a photographer here at Imago Vita, her family has become so near and dear to our hearts. Her son and our son are best buds and we love this family more than we can express.

Dear Dewey Fam, Thank you for sharing life with the Phillips clan and for making our lives so much sweeter.  I hope that you enjoy your photos.  

For real you guys, I can't take the cuteness!

A little sexy Mom and Dad pic.

With little munchkins in the background.  

Um......I really love this kid.

And this one too of course. 

Here is a sweet little family portrait.

But I like this one so much better.  "Miss Shannon, I have a question. Why are we still outside in this windy 46 degree weather? May I go run around at least?"

This is photo series says it all about little L's personality. MISS INDEPENDENCE! You never know what adventure you will find her in next.

She's okay after the fall....See. She has that "I ran down the street and no one caught me" grin on!

Mama love. 

Yep, definitely one of the most beautiful families I know in every way possible.