fun in the snow!

Most of you know that I am from Michigan and one of the things that I miss the most (besides the lake) is the snow. I have always loved it. I think it is so pure and romantic. If it is going to be cold out then I say pile on the white powder please! When I woke up yesterday morning and looked out the window I felt instantly that I had been transported up north. 

I have to say that yesterday was one of my favorite days so far. We spent lots of time together as a family playing both inside and out and I made the yummiest pot roast for dinner. All of the other times that it has snowed here in Tulsa since Keegan was born he has been sick so this was his first real deal play in the snow time. 

All bundled up in several layers and ready for some snow action.

This is what he does when I tell him to smile. What a goof.

This face says it all. He needed one of us to help him walk at all times because it was just too deep.

We tried to get him to eat it but he thought we were crazy. 

My snow angel. ;)

More than ready to go back inside. 

And of course it ended in freezing cold tears and lots of snot.

Nothing better than a little hot chocolate to make it all worth it. Check out that hat head! Cutting his hair is definitely on the agenda for today.