happy love day!

Today Keegan's favorite little lady friend is over for a visit in an attempt to let her Mama who is about to deliver twins can run some errands by herself.  It is funny how much easier it is to have two little ones running around than it is having just one. They keep each other occupied. They make double the messes but I am okay with that. ;)

I had this cute idea in my head of a series of photos for Valentine's day including the two of them. 

However, they are both 2 and have ideas of their own. "Posing" for me was not on the top of their list of things to do. So, this is what we ended up with. 

Evie was the least interested in our little photo shoot.

Since today is love day, I also wanted to show you my amazingly beautiful new mugs from Anthropologie. I purchased them with a gift card that I received from one of my incredibly sweet clients. The mug did a much better job at posing than the kids did.