sweet little penelope

It is safe to say that we are all a bit smitten with little Miss Penelope over here. I thought I would post a few photos of our recent days.

4 days old. She is wearing the sweet hat that my friend Nichole got for her off of Etsy. This whole girl world is so much fun. I am pretty excited for when she gets just a little bit bigger because she is so tiny right now that hardly anything fits her.

5 days old. P sleeps next to my bedside in her cradle. (Well...sometimes she sleeps.) It is the same cradle that I slept in when I was a new baby and it was made by my father.

Headband made by my dear friend Keri in Michigan. Her Etsy shop is Guguberry.

6 days old. This is my absolute favorite thing about newborns. Kissing that sweet soft head of hers while she is curled up on my chest makes all of the sleepless nights totally worth it.

1 week old. I think that her little lips are my favorite thing about her face. So sweet. This is a hat made by my amazingly talented friend Cassidy. She knits the most beautiful things you have ever seen. I can't wait to show you the sweater she made for her. I put a headband on top of the hat that was made by my friend Lisa and her little sweater is from Miss Jessie Dewey. I have really great friends that love my little sweetie.

10 days old. She is lounging on her amazing quilt. I had it made by Holly at Binkwaffle. I cried when she gave me the finished product on account of how perfect it was and really wanted to keep it for myself but I decided to let Penelope have it.

I just love those cheeks!

12 days old. Lounging in front of the Christmas tree. It is a wonderful thing having a baby in December but the holiday season really crept up on me. I feel like I kind of missed out on a lot of Christmastime activities and decorating. But......I am pretty sure that she is totally worth it.

Headband from Etsy Lou and Lee.