paul+juwell {the wedding}

It was a perfect September day with absolutely perfect Oklahoma weather for the wedding of Paul and Juwell. Dresser Mansion was looking her best and made the perfect backdrop for all of the fun, laughter and love that filled the day. Paul and Juwell are such a fun and laid back couple. If you are around the two of them for more than five minutes it is so easy to see that they were absolutely made for one another. Juwell will comfort you with her grace and her love for others while Paul will have you rolling on the floor with laughter from his witty humor.

Paul and Juwell, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for entrusting us with the memories of your special day. It was an absolute joy.

The Bridal Garden did a fabulous job on the florals.

A memory locket of Juwell's brother who passed away last year was placed on the boquet so that he was close to her heart all day.

Rawr, Juwell! You were looking absolutely fabulous! The amazing Faccia Bella did Juwell's hair and makeup.

Paul cleaned up pretty nice himself and looked quite dapper in his custom made suit.

The first look was so sweet.

Anytime a bride and groom put personal touches into their wedding day it makes me smile. On their first date Paul got a fortune in his cookie that said that something unexpected would become permanent. Little did he know that there was so much truth in that. Inside of Paul's custom jacket he had this phrase embroidered.

Sweet Jessie layed down in the gravel driveway to get this next shot.

These two are seriously so much fun to photograph. They are so comfortable with each other and have no problem with affection in front of me. ;)

Right before the ceremony Juwell pulled her Mom aside to give her a special hanky that she had made for her and it was such a sweet moment.

Paul's beautiful Mom traveled all the way from Africa to see this special day.

Juwell showing everyone her African dance moves. I am not sure what this dance was called but I secretely tried to observe so that I could go try it when I got home. See, that is me in the background with my round belly observing the awesomeness.

Juwell also had some excellent limbo moves.

Paul, not so much.

But he made up for it by dancing with a candle on his head.