james+paige {engagement}

It is a bittersweet feeling that I am posting my last engagement session of the year. I have officially finished up all of my shooting. I am getting huge and much less agile so I am grateful that the rest of the work I have to do can be done on my computer designing albums, filling orders etc.  The rest of the time I am loving on my boys and getting ready for baby girl.

Meet James and Paige. They are absolutely adorable and have such a deep joy that just oozes out of them. Following around these two love birds with my camera was such a wonderful way to wrap up engagement shoots.

Don't you just love Paige's Anthropologie outfit?


Save the date numbers are all the rage nowadays. ;)

I know that these next two shots are practically the same but I just love the laughter in the first one and the sassy hotness of the second one.