mr. fixit

There are so many things about having a little boy that make me smile. It is so fun for me to watch his character develop and watch him doing things that he loves. He is a busy boy and always has been. One of the things that is so true to his character is his love of tools and fixing things. Throw in his Poppy's motorcycle and he is in little boy heaven. His Poppy is a brave man for letting his two year old grandson play with metal tools on his new Harley. ;) 

Yes, I know he is wearing a t-shirt and no shoes. This clearly is not in Oklahoma, these photos were taken in Arizona last month. 

I know that you might not care much about photos of my Keegan with a wrench. That is okay. I love them. I love them because of the story that they tell. They tell of a wonderful cherished memory of time spent with his Grandfather that he much too seldom gets to see. They tell me the story of who my son is right now. Years down the road, these photos will remind me of what Keegan was like when he was two.