out of the office today

It is never good timing when your little ones get sick is it? I had plans of conquering the world today with editing and blogging and a million other things. I am truly in the thick of one of my busiest times right now in my business. However, I am a mom first. Last night when I got home from my photo shoot, my little guy had a fever and was just miserable. As a Mama, I just wish I could make him feel better instantly but all I can do is pray for him and snuggle him.

I will not be in my office today glued to my computer. I will be on my sofa with a little boy in my arms watching the movie Cars a million times. As much as I hate that he is sick, I have to admit I don't hate the snuggling one bit.

Here is a little photo of him on his second birthday. I can't wait for him to feel better so he can run around outside in this beautiful weather.