happy 2nd birthday keegan!

Well, another year has just flown by and my baby is TWO today! No one could have ever prepared me or explained to me how much my heart would grow after having a child. I love deeper now and the word joy takes on a whole new meaning. Everyday gets better and better.

Having a two year old definitely has its challenges. My little man has such a strong will and is very much expressing his need to do things all by himself. When it gets hard or frustrating, I just have to ask God to help me remember that HE gave Keegan a strong will. I just know that his passion will be his greatest strength as he grows older and becomes a man of God.

Dear Keegan,

Happy 2nd Birthday little buddy! I can't believe what an amazing little man you are. I love you beyond my ability to express it with words.

Here are a few pictures of the beginning of his birthday celebration at his Nana and Poppa's house. They like to spoil him just a little bit.

The motorized backhoe scared him at first so it was a progress getting him to drive it. First he got used to pushing it himself and then he would let his Daddy push him.

It went a bit too fast on the concrete so we moved him to the grass and he finally took off all by himself.

Coming through!

By the time we got him back in the car to head home, he had a terrible time trying to keep his eyes open. We sang him songs and tickled him to keep him awake so that he would take a nap when we got home which gave us a little bit of time to get ready for his party.

Photo Tip: The outside photos of Keegan and his backhoe were taken at one of the absolute brightest times of the day. Sometimes there is no getting around that. Of course, the early morning light and the evening light are when I schedule my professional shoots but this was just real life. It happens when it happens. It was crazy bright out. So, I did my best to keep the sun behind Keegan so that he wouldn't have to squint as much and his face wouldn't be completely blown out (a photography term for describing what happens when it is way too bright where the skin turns bright white and glowy). I know that the results are far from perfect but they do tell the story so I am happy with that. ;)