jayden {my amazing nephew}

It has been said: "When God wants to do something great, he sends a baby."

I believe this to be true.

This post has been a long time coming but alas, the grand introduction of my baby nephew Jayden!

First, let's start out at the hospital awaiting his arrival. Michael was such a great coach to Stephanie, so calming and loving towards her.

Keegan was allowed to hang out in the room for a little while as we waited. Stephanie was such a trooper and a long overnight labor. She tried to catch a little rest before it was time to push. Thus, Keegan and his Nana saying shhhh.

Michael caught a few winks himself.

Keegsters making us smile as we wait.

and then........He's here!

Baby paparazzi.

 A while later, we did a real deal photo shoot at Jayden's house. Sorry ladies and gents, I am still not doing baby sessions. Sisters are an exception. ;)

Stephanie, You are a beautiful Mama.

Seriously, Jayden is so blessed to have you to hold him.

I think that Michael is a pretty awesome Daddy too.

This next one is my favorite.

Congratulations guys! Parenthood looks good on you. You can't even tell that you are only sleeping like 2 hours a night. ;) I love you and I love my baby Jayden!