paint, poison control and a ceiling medallion

It was so refreshing to have an entire weekend off. No photoshoots, no weddings, no meetings. Just quality time with my boys and my office make-over project. It took me all day to paint the orangey brown molding but at last it is gone! That was the last room in our house that needed painting. While I was working on it, a quiet little toddler came in and decided to take a swig of the oil based primer. Nathan calmly called poison control while I freaked out and scrubbed paint out of Keegan's mouth. They said he would be fine and might get a little diarrhea and upset stomach in a few hours. So, I had a big mess to clean up and didn't get as much done as planned.

After the nasty cleanup, I did get the chance to start working on my ceiling medallion for my chandelier make over.

As you can see, the paint episode didn't bother him one bit. He was happy as a clam the rest of the day and I am pretty sure he didn't actually ingest any.