miss finley {9 months}

Throughout the rest of this year I do have a few baby sessions that I will be finishing up. I know that it is kind of mean to post these since I am no longer booking any new baby sessions. However, my clients look forward to these posts so I will continue to blog them.

Miss Finley is already 9 months old. The last session we did for her 6 month shoot she was all laughs and smiles. This time she showed a bit more of her serious side. Poor little cutie is cutting teeth and I don't think she much enjoyed the 98 degree heat and humidity.

Look out...She is on the move!

Mom puts hat on baby.

Baby immediately removes hat.

If anyone can make her smile, it is most definitely her Grandpa.

Her face in this next one says it all. "Seriously guys, what are you doing to me?"

Everybody loves a little backhoe fun time.

I just about peed my pants with excitement when I found this field of wild flowers.

Miss Finley didn't really share my vision. Poor little thing was scared to death.