lake time!

Wow, that was one of the best weekends I have had in long long time. Don't get me wrong, I love shooting weddings but it means that I hardly ever have a weekend. This weekend I intentionally scheduled no photo shoots because I didn't have a wedding on the books. I was in serious need of some fun in the sun and that is exactly what I got! I enjoyed my family and resting so much that it made it so difficult to drop off Keegan at daycare this morning.

Keegan had a blast at the lake. He played in the water, dug in some dirt and all kinds of fun boy stuff.

Can you guess what he is chasing under the picnic table?

Look closely...

He drove a boat for the very first time. "Don't worry Uncle Mikey, I got this."

"It really doesn't matter that I cannot see over the steering wheel."

I think he is just so cute in his little life jacket.

Loving on Auntie Ashton.

Thanks to my husband, I got a few photos of me and Keegan this weekend. It is rare when I am in photos because it means that I have to put down the camera and ask someone else to take the picture. Thanks babe! I will cherish these photos forever. ;)

Keegan didn't mind that the jeep was a pink Barbie one. He was just fascinated that it moved when he pushed the gas pedal......and a little freaked out too.

Note to self: If we run out of hair gel, a combination of bug spray, sunscreen spray and sweat work just fine.