jenevieve {7ish months}

Yay! A real post! Thank you all for your sweet emails and comments wishing me well. I went to the Doctor and he thinks it is just a virus. Nothing much to do but rest and drink fluids and take Tylenol. I am beginning to feel a little better.

Here are some more photos of the adorable Jenevieve. It was supposed to be her 6 month session but due to scheduling conflicts and rain it ended up being more like her 7 month shoot. Regardless, I think she is pretty darn adorable and I just love getting the chance to hang out with her and her sweet Mama.

We had to do a little bit of damage control to keep little Jen from ingesting too much grass and clovers.

Okay, I seriously cannot get enough of those dimples!

Pink tutu+Sun flare=AWESOME!!

I couldn't pick a favorite Mama kissy photo between these next two.