anna+daniel {engagement}

Anna and Daniel are getting married! I like to call Anna my "little sister for a little while." This is because I lived with her amazing family up in Michigan for about a year before I married my husband. The generosity and outpouring of love that her whole family showed me is something that I will never forget.

It is my absolute honor to capture the love that Anna and Daniel share. It brings such joy to the depth of my heart.

It was a warm and unusually windy day that we chose for our photoshoot. Daniel traveled all of the way from Washington state and Anna all the way from Michigan to attend Rhema bible college. What better place to start out our shoot than outside of the very place that they met.

Hey Anna, you are B-E-A-Utiful! Love looks good on you.

Hello super model hair. This is the one shot that I was thanking the wind in!

Too sweet.