laura+todd {the wedding}

Introducing to you the lovely Laura and Todd. I am quite certain that I have never seen another couple enjoy their wedding day as much as these two did. Their sense of humor made everything fun and their deep love for one other was evident in their every move.

I thought that all 13 year old boys loved getting dressed up in a tux. Who knew?

Peeking around the corner to see her groom for the first time.

Here is my angle of the first look.

Here is Nathan's.

Note to all grooms: A Tiffany's box will make your bride smile.

I am serious, these two were such a happy couple. It was very seldom that they were not laughing.

Sweet moment.


They were pretty excited.

The bridal party did some amazing poses as they walked into the reception.

Look at how silly they are. It makes me smile every time.

A little break dancing anyone?

Since becoming a Mom myself, the mother-son and father-daughter dances make me so emotional. I can only imagine the thoughts running through their minds.

Here is another sweet parent moment. Todd's daughter dancing on his feet.