tuesday at the zoo

This has been one of the busiest last couple of weeks. It has been great but in all honesty, quite exhausting. I spent last Monday photographing 8 amazingly beautiful boudoir sessions and came home to the realization that I had 12 sessions and a wedding to edit in less than one week. (I leave for Arizona first thing tomorrow morning.) I understand that not everyone is a photographer and knows how much work that translates into so, I will explain in plain English. It is an INSANE amount of editing. ;)

So, I was faced with a decision. Last Tuesday was marked on my calendar as a day of rest. I have learned that I have to schedule these things called days off or I skip over them completely. I debated skipping my day off so that I could get a jump start on all of the work that I had to do.

Then I looked at the smiling face of my beautiful baby boy and I couldn't take him to daycare. I missed him too much.

We waited for my hubby to finish his classes for the day and we made a quick trip to the zoo. Nathan too, had lots of other things to be working on but we chose to put those things on hold so that we could spend some much needed quality time together.

We are both so glad that we made that decision. We won't look back at this day down the road and say "Gee, I really wished we would've stayed home from the zoo that day and gotten more work done." Nope, instead we are going to remember this day as the first time Keegan went down a slide all by himself!

The slide photos are a bit over-exposed but I couldn't care less. I was more concerned with capturing this once in a lifetime event than I was with having a "perfect photograph."

He had such a blast playing at the little park.

If this face doesn't make your day better then I don't know what will.

Keegan liked the statues a little better than the real animals because he could ride on them and give them hugs.