diy furniture makeovers

In light of the fact that I have been getting lots of questions about my bedroom, I thought I would show you how I did it. My friend Nichole informed my that when I answered her question of "How did you do your dresser?" with "I painted it" well, that wasn't quite the answer that she was looking for. I am not a professional furniture refinisher (Is that even what they are called?) by any means. I just get ideas and I run with them. My friends and family tend to get mad at me when they ask me for instructions on how I made something. I can't read sewing patterns but I can make things fairly easily. I make up my own way of doing things. I am not recommending that this is the way to go about doing things but this is just who I am.

So, for all of you that think my answer of "I just painted it" isn't good is my explaination to the best of my explaining abilities.

The Dresser

I had been on the hunt for a low long dresser such as this for a long time now. I found a few on Craigslist that I liked but I didn't love. So, when I found this one at Salvation army for $75 I snatched it right up. I had to do some apologizing afterwards because my husband hates it when I buy furniture without his approval. Luckily, he really liked it when I got it home. $75 may seem like a lot for an old piece of junk but this dresser is a true gem. It is made so well and weighs like a hundred pounds because it is all solid wood. Plus, it was originally $100 and was marked 25% percent off.

Here is how I made it fabulous.

The top of the dresser had a few scratches in it so I sanded the top only. I used my little hand sander and started with medium sand paper and finished with fine. I then took all of the drawers out and removed the hardware. I was completely in love with these drawer pulls but not so in love with the dingy brass. They were actally two pieces when they came off. I took them apart and sprayed them with my favorite makeover tool: Rustoleum glossy white spray paint. While those were drying, I painted the dresser. I used a high gloss paint to give it that glamorous sheen. I was so excited to see that the wood grain was visable after the paint went on. It was a pleasant surprise. I used a paint brush on all of it except I rolled the top.

The Chair

When I brought home this chair (like 3 years ago), my husband gave me that look. You know the one that says why are you bringing home that ugly thing? I see the finished product before it is finished.

This one was kind of a pain in the rear. My friend Jesse stopped by while I was covered in paint and working on this. She may have heard some inappropriate words come out of my mouth. Seeing the finished product makes it all worth it.

I found some fabric and upholstery paint. It is from Hobby Lobby and you can find it by the tie die supplies. I bought black and used that to paint the brown upholstery. I used the Rustoleum glossy white for the chair and I then used a clear glossy acrylic spray paint to seal it just in case Keegan decided to chew on the arms. He already did that once so, this was the second round of painting. ;) There was lots of taping on this project. I had to tape when I painted the wood and I had to tape when I painted the fabric. I had to be careful to not pull up the tape too fast because it would take off the new paint.

The accessories

I found these little cuties at an estate sale. You guessed it, Rustoleum glossy white again.

I found a few milk glass pieces and the little Avon cameo box at the flea market at the Expo Square. No paint or refinishing needed. They just needed a new home.