fun with a spoon

We just started to realize that we haven't let Keegan feed himself with eating utensils as much as we should by this age. It is mainly because he loves eating finger foods and I love not having to clean up the mess that will be inevitable with him feeding himself mushy substances.

So, we have been working on it this week.

He decided that it was easier to ditch the spoon all together.

While I had my camera out I wanted to snap a photo of my new little $20 Craigslist find. She needs a few new screws and some paint. I can't wait to have a little free time to work on her and make her all shiny and new.

As you can see, Keegan wanted to be in the picture too. (Notice that his berry applesauce drenched shirt is now missing.) We do own bibs but he usually just rips them off.

Then it was a first time experience in our house. Keegan laid on his Daddy's chest for an entire 30 minutes. He is not one to sit still for even one minute, let alone 30. They watched all of the Keegan videos on the iphone. It made every penny that was spent on that phone totally worth it! It also made me incredibly jealous.