bedroom make over {the hideous before pic}

When I opened up the chance for you all to ask me questions, one of you asked me to show more photos of my home decor. She said that it was always blurred in the background. Well, there is a reason for the blur and that is because nothing is how I would like it to be. I dreaded this question because everything in my home is either totally incomplete (my bedroom and and my office) or it is around 20-40% complete. You can read this post to find out why.

This prompted me to do an entire room from start to finish. So, this past weekend I kicked some major butt on my bedroom. (Or did it kick mine?) Anyhow, I got the major stuff done and out of the way and now I am working on the finishing touches.

I am going to do a grand reveal when it is all done but for now.......

Here is a little peek at my helper.

.......and the part that makes me cringe. I am so embarrassed to show you this photo.  It makes me feel completely naked. I cannot believe that I actually lived with it like this for so long. I guess I have been kind of busy.

So, onto the ugly.

Pay special attention to the old yellowed paint on the walls, the ugly wood trim, the brown heat vent on the wall, oh and don't forget the nasty dusty ceiling fan. Will someone please tell me what is going on with the curtain rods? The floors are going to stay nasty until this summer when we do them like the rest of the house. My entire house used to look just like this or worse. Maybe I should show you before and after photos of every room. That would certainly motivate me to finish everything up.

Stay tuned. It is already a whole new room and it is going to get so much better. Yay!