be still

Our winter wonderland weekend was a very quiet one at our house. Friday afternoon our little Keegan went to go hang out at his Nana and Poppa's house so that Nathan could do some studying and I could do some work. The storm hit and the snow was coming down Michigan style so, he ended up just spending the night at their house. This meant that our house was very very quiet. It was strange to say the least. We had an entire 24 hours at home with no kid.

We spent the evening snuggling on the sofa and watched a movie. It felt like we were dating again.

The next morning I woke up at my normal time while my hubby slept in. I had the whole house to myself. I had time to just be still. I leasurly drank my coffee and dove into some reading. It was wonderful.

As wonderful as that 24 hours was, it was even more wonderful to welcome home our little boy. The quiet was nice for a day but we much prefer the noise. The noise of laughter, playing, and even throwing temper tantrums.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend weather it was full of noise or full of silence.