juli+barry {engagement}

The only thing better than a couple engaged to be married is a "Country Engagement!" Juli and Barry did their engagement session out in the Oklahoma countryside and I could not have loved photographing them more. It helped that they both look like models straight out of a magazine and the scenery was equally as gorgeous. 

I dream of living in a home among open fields, endless trees and a lake. I live in a little brick house in Midtown Tulsa so I have to get my fill of country living from my photo shoots. 

Juli and Barry, I am so very honored and excited to be your wedding photographer. Thank you for inviting me to your hometown for this shoot. I love watching the way that you love one another.

Barry is the perfect southern gentleman and he seems to always be aware of how Juli is doing and what she is feeling. They seriously fit together so perfectly. 

Juli had the cute idea of incorporating a bottle of wine with Barry's last name as the title of the vineyard. 

Hello beautiful green field of winter wheat. I love you!

I can't get enough of some yummy country light.

Seriously guys, you are making me wish I could borrow a morsel of your hotness! ;)

 So romantic...