ashley+derek {day after session}

I am just beyond excited that I finally had the opportunity to photograph the lovely Ashley and her hubby Derek. They actually live in Alaska and I was supposed to photograph them here before they moved earlier this year but I think we got rained out 2 or 3 times. They came home to T-town for Thanksgiving and we scheduled our shoot months and months in advance. Of course we picked the one day over their Thanksgiving break that was freezing cold and unimaginably windy. Poor Ashley had her hair and makeup done earlier that day by the lovely Loren Houk so rescheduling would have been very difficult. We went for it and poor Derek and Ashley still seemed so in love and had so much fun while the weather was a frigid 47 degrees with wind about to blow them into the next town.  It is in the single digits right now at home in Alaska so maybe they were used to the cold. ;) They arrived at their session ready to do anything I asked and even brought me the yummiest homemade pumpkin cookies. I am becoming a huge fan of people giving me food. ;)

Ashley is the sister of one of my greatest friends in this world. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree because I think that all of the women in this family are pretty darn special. ;) 

Without further ado.......Onto the photos of sweet sweet Ashley and Derek. 

Ummmm.....Seriously adorable couple!

Ashley is a pro at making her man smile. I think he is smitten for her. 

Post Oak Lodge was looking extra lovely for us that day. 

Such a beauty.

I would have taken quite a few more photos by this fence but at that very moment it started to pour rain on our heads.