my home this christmas

I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas. I know I did! 

I feel like I need to come clean on the lack of blog posts this week. Point blank: I needed to get away from anything that made me feel like I was working. After a long year of being pulled in a million different directions and supporting Nathan as he finished nursing school you could say that I was well beyond burn out. Slowly but surely, I am recovering. I am feeling like myself again. 

This Christmas season, I fell head over heels for my family and my time at home baking, cooking, crafting, knitting and just being a mom and a wife. I took a few photos every now and then but mostly I just enjoyed life. I am feeling so inspired and loved right now. 

So, I will be posting photos here of my life. Photography season will not start back up again until the spring so hang in there with me. I hope I won't bore you to sleep with too many personal posts. 

Now onto some photos of my home this Christmas. 

Here is my first real Christmas tree all dolled up. She easily took up 40% of the space in my living room. By the time I finally took her picture she was starting to droop and dry up. I watered her every day but she just quit drinking. (I am not sure why I think my tree is a female but I do. Maybe it is because she smells so good.)

I made icicle ornaments out of old book pages, modge podge and glitter.

Under the tree were "brown paper packages tied up with string........these are a few of my favorite things." One of my favorite projects this year was making photo gift tags for all of our gifts. 

Here are some trees also made with old book pages, modge podge and glitter with a little cranberry garland. 

I don't have a fireplace mantel to decorate but I do have a hundred year old piano. ;)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel is mine and Nathan's favorite Christmas song. I downloaded the sheet music online and then over-layed it on top of a texture in photoshop. I ordered a 16x20 mounted print of it from my lab and now I have Christmas artwork for years to come.  

I just adore Christmas cards. I could only fit about half of them on here so next year I am going to have to think of something different to display them on.