my traveling man

By this time my little man is a pro at traveling. He is only two and has been on just about as many airplane rides as I have in my entire life. He has flown to Michigan and to Arizona three times, driven to Colorado, Texas and has been on a Caribbean cruise.  I flew on my first airplane when I was 14. Keegan was 3 months. 

It was a whole lot easier to fly with a little 3 month old than it is to fly with a toddler. Now that he is two it is also much more expensive because we have to buy him his own ticket. He is always on the move and getting him to quietly sit in his seat for an extended period of time isn't the easiest thing to do. But he was a champ for his ride to Arizona. (The way home is a completely different story including kicking and screaming and lots of people giving me mean looks.) He was up almost the entire night before we came home with a fever and a terrible cold so he was a miserable little traveler and refused to take a nap. 

But it was all worth it to enjoy quality time with his Nana and Poppy.