lili+michael {wedding}

I have to say that all of my brides and grooms are so special to me. I have the honor of getting to know them in a very intimate way because I am at their side all day long during a wedding. I am sure they get sick of me and my cheesy jokes and rapid camera clicking. But I never tire of witnessing love and the amazing and different ways that it is expressed between each couple. 

Lili and Michael were an absolute pleasure to follow around all day. I think that I smiled all day long because watching the two of them love on one another just has that affect on anyone. They were passionate, expressive and full of laughter. Congratulations Lili and Michael, your love has inspired me more than you know. Thank you for letting me capture your special day and witness your love for one another and for the Lord. 

The first time I met Lili, she explained that she had always dreamed of a fall wedding with the beauty of the colorful leaves all around. I am quite certain that her dream came true. 


I was THRILLED when Lili and Michael told me that they wanted to do a first look. It gave us lots of time and natural light to photograph the two of them together. 

This next one is probably my favorite of the day because it sums up their personalities and the way that they interact with one another perfectly. 

I am also loving this next one shot with my 85mm lens. 

Jessie was so kind as to snap a pic of me in action. (See.....they make me smile.)

Lili did an amazing job on the flowers. 

Their reception and first look photos were held at The Barn. 



They invited all of their family members up to pray for them during the ceremony. It was nothing short of breathtaking and tear jerking. 

There was a ton of fun to be had and dancing to be done at the reception.